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Our mission is reaching your goals.
  • Personal consultations with our nutritionist to fuel your body the right way
  •  Advanced technology that determines the best exercises for you
  •  Development of a relationship with food that doesn’t impede your daily life
  • Access to supplements that kickstart your metabolism

  • Protection of muscle and loss of fat through our diagnostic technology and nutritional science.
  • Blood evaluations for hormonal factors that impede weight loss
  • Complete and customized weight loss programs built by our experts
  • Support and accountability every step of the way
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find out what you are really made of

At Prolean Wellness, we believe that accuracy equals results. This is the reason we invested in the iDXA scanner, a revolutionary instrument that measures three key components of your body structure (bone

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Theresa W.

I am very satisfied with the Prolean weight reduction program.  The scientific, nutritional and personal [...]


Hello,   I am a 51 year old female who wanted to know the good, [...]

Hurray for FRANCINE in Utah!

Francine completed this program from another state!  She came in to the office once to [...]

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