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Elite Weight Loss Program

The Prolean Elite 12 Week program is for those who are finally done with the yo-yo diets of the past and want to get serious about their health! We know that “every body” is different and unique. Our Elite program is designed to give you the specific answers to your wellness issues so that you are able not only to lose the fat but to finally have the tools to keep it off!


    • HCG injections or Mito Kits – We do not send you to a pharmacy.
    • Consultation and Medical exam with our Physician.
    • Comprehensive Lab tests which are drawn to ensure that you’re healthy and staying in balance during the program. (including – basic chem. panel, Insulin, TSH, Free T3, Free elite weight loss | Prolean WellnessT4, CBC, HDL, Hemoglobin A1C, DHEA, and Cortisol)
    • Proprietary Supplement compounded at a local pharmacy which is specifically tailored for your body. It contains components that raise the dopamine and DHEA levels to enhance your metabolism and maximize your weight loss. This will be prescribed if DHEA levels are below the ideal range.
    • 6 Weeks of B-12 Sublingual drops to boost your energy each day.
    • 3 Vitamin B12 MIC Injections to maximize your energy burn and support
    • Three iDXA scans, the first at the onset of our program and the second at completion of the 12 week program and the third will be at client’s discretion. IMPORTANT! The iDXA scan is a very important tool to customize an eating plan based on your physical make up.  This is one of the tools that really sets Prolean Wellness apart from other weight loss companies.
    • Bone Density scan to determine if you have osteoporosis or are at risk of osteoporosis as well create a baseline for future reference.
    • Personalized Nutritional plan tailored specifically for you and is based upon your unique body composition.
    • Personal in-depth consultations with our nutritionist. These consultations will train you how to eat on your program and will help you create a plan tailored to your lifestyle to ensure long term success.
    • VO2 Testing to determine your optimum heart rate range for burning body fat while you exercise.
    • Personal training session with our trainer to help assure you are getting the most from your workouts.
    • Twelve weeks follow–up and support with weigh-ins and diet guidance. Even after your original 12 weeks of support, you are encouraged to continue your visits on a regular basis to hold yourself accountable. You are part of our family!
    • Optional – Adrenal Stress Index & Salvia testing




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