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Why a Maintenance Plan?

  • Without accountability and guidance, weight loss can be difficult to maintain. Weight loss programs should be followed by a maintenance program of a prolonged duration for long term success.
  • Personal Contact and accountability will ensure you stay on track.
  • Personalized help will give you ideas of how to continue in the REAL WORLD.


What we offer:

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  • Weekly or bi-weekly contact with our coaching staff analyzing your food and exercise logs and providing feedback and suggestions to help you achieve your goals.
  • Monthly contacts will include biweekly or weekly – 15 minute private phone calls, skype visits, or in office appointments and email suppport.
  • Private Facebook membership only available to Keep if Off Members so that you can “meet” other people and exchange ideas and questions
  • iDXA body composition scans once or  twice a year – depending on the program you choose
  • 10% off nutritional supplements and products


What you need to do: 

  • Subscribe to KEEP IT OFF
  • Daily – Keep your food and exercise log.

  • Weekly – Submit your form to our Nutritional Coach with specific questions and goals. Receive a weekly response

  • Monthly – Schedule your phone/skype appointment for more personalized contact
  • Bi-annually – Schedule your iDXA body composition scan to monitor your “real” progress.
  • As Needed – log in to our private Facebook page to meet and get ideas from other Keep it Off participants.

Bi-Weekly Program Contract (click here)

Weekly Program Contract (click here)


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