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Synergy QUICK START Program


  • Designed for those who don’t live within travel distance of Prolean Wellness’ Scottsdale Arizona office.

  • Enjoy the amazing benefits that thousands of local clients have enjoyed since 2009.

  • The most innovative and complete long distance weight loss program anywhere.

  • Customized to the individual client to deliver long-term weight loss results.

  • Packed with cutting edge diagnostics and the latest advancements in nutritional supplements, this program delivers the answers you need to finally get to you goals….and beyond!

  • This program is built around SOLVING your issues and not handing you another band-aid.

Get started today and prepare for the new you!

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Product Description

4 Week QUICK START Synergy Weight Loss Program

First 30 Days:

  • The Potent Prolean Mito-Kit A patented and proven revolutionary tool to boost your metabolic burn rate. No stimulants…just more energy, more fat burn, more muscle build, more endurance, and huge anti-aging benefits!
  • NEW! Prolean EDGE This is a game changer! This supplement frees up that extra belly fat without the use of excessive stimulants and instead coaxes your body to produce more HSL (Hormone Sensitive Lipase) thus freeing up more fatty acids for fuel. The exhaustive research done on this product is amazing and the results are truly awesome.
  • Comprehensive Lab Tests which are drawn to ensure that you’re healthy and that we identify possible metabolic barriers to your success. You cannot compete with your own faltering metabolism and win! (includes: Glucose, Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Creatinine, Uric Acid, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Carbon Dioxide, Protein, Total Albumin, Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Calcium, Inorganic Phosphorus, Alkaline Phosphatase, GGT, ALT, AST, LDH, Bilirubin, calculations: BUN/Creat Ratio, Anion Gap, Osmolality, Globulin, Alb/Glob Ratio, and eGFR) Fasting Insulin, TSH, Free T3, Free T4, CBC, HDL, Hemoglobin A1C, DHEA-s, and Cortisol-am)
  • Physician Review of Labs to make specific recommendations for success.
  • B-12 Sublingual Drops (Methylcobalamin) to boost your energy each day.
  • Personalized Nutritional plan tailored specifically for you by Prolean’s staff nutritionist and based upon your unique body composition…and its REAL food. Because we have developed the SCDB (Specific Composition Data Base) from over 4500 iDXA clients, Prolean is able to give you a precise calculation of your nutritional needs. It’s as close as you can get to actually having an iDXA scan. Of course if you are close to our office, we’ll include a scan for you!
  •  4 Personal In-depth Consultations with our nutritionist. These consultations will train you how to eat on your program and will help you create a plan tailored to your lifestyle to ensure long term success. These visits can happen either by phone or we prefer them through Skype!
  • Complete Synergy Program Manual that contains critical information for each phase of your program, personal progress tracking forms, and a comprehensive recipe library. Also includes a Glycemic Index guide and a handy supplement guide.
  • See Synergy 2 and Synergy Maintain for follow up months

Optional Program Add-ons:

  • Skype Visit With Physician
  • Additional blood labs at Prolean’s low discounted rates if needed…you will have your own portal online.
  • Steeply Discounted Rates on Behavior Counseling by our professional weight loss counselor via phone or via Skype