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Our mission is to help you reach your goals

  • Personal consultations with our nutritionist to fuel your body the right way
  • Advanced technology that determines the best exercises for you
  • Development of a relationship with food that doesn’t impede your daily life
  • Access to supplements that kickstart your metabolism

  • Protection of muscle and loss of fat through our diagnostic technology and nutritional science.
  • Blood evaluations for hormonal factors that impede weight loss
  • Complete and customized weight loss programs built by our experts
  • Support and accountability every step of the way



At Prolean Wellness, we believe that accuracy equals results. This is the reason we utilize the Hologics Wi DEXA scanner, a revolutionary instrument that measures three key components of your body structure (bone mass, lean tissue mass and fatty tissue mass), and also analyzes your skeletal health.


I have been so very pleased with my weight loss, the way the dietician taught us to eat, and especially the staff at Prolean. Jeff really got us on board with the program from the beginning.

Phyllis and Mike L.

Everyone at Prolean Wellness especially Jeff, Denise and Allie were so helpful and inspiring! Before I knew it I had lost 30 lbs in only 6 weeks! It’s almost unbelievable how fast the weight came off!


I never thought something as wonderful as this program existed! With all the blood work, body scan, nutrition info, and even working with a naturopathic doctor it is wonderful! I just want to thank them for the support and knowledge.

Katie O.

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