10 Tips to Portion Control

10 Tips to Portion Control

10 Tips for Portion Control:

The importance of portion control is about as important as the type of diet you are on. Of course you can easily follow a nutrition plan when given the “correct or allowed foods” list… but if your servings are too big, you are defeating the purpose of being on a diet. Too much of a good thing still adds up calorically, regardless if it is a veggie, fruit, or meat. Likewise, even overeating too many berries, too much steak, or a whole avocado in one sitting will have negative consequences. All those extra calories are going to be stored as fat.
SO how can you cut back or portion control?
1.)  Always eat on a plate! And fill up first with veggies and greens. Use utensils, sit down, and enjoy your meal on a plate or in a bowl.
2.) Use your food scale and measuring cups/spoons! They measure  your portions to EXACTLY what you need in weight and size.
3.)  Do not nibble or constantly taste while you are cooking.
4.) Stop snacking mindlessly! Snacks should not exceed 250 calories, otherwise you should consider it a meal.

5.)  Choose more filling foods when snacking. If you are eating a fruit or veggie, pair it with a healthy fat or protein. For example: hummus and celery, or peanut butter and half of an apple, or berries, yogurt and hempseeds.
6.)  Do not leave food or snacks out. Always keep healthy choices in sight.
7.)  When out to eat, ask for the to-go bag right when you order so that you do not overeat and can save half of your meal for later. We typically get served 3-4x what we really need.
8.)  Slow down, savor every taste, and sip water in between bites. This will help you enjoy the food and be more cognizant of what you are eating.

9.)  Turn off the TV while eating. You may eat more without even realizing it.
10.)  Cue your taste buds to stop eating. Drink some tea, chew some gum, brush your teeth. Get your brain off of food—and distract yourself by doing something resourceful (like exercising, reading a book, journaling, etc.)

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