Cathy’s Success Story

Cathy’s Success Story

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I’m happy to share my story!

I am a 48 year old female. I have Syndrome X, Insulin Resistance and PCOS. Three strikes against my efforts in trying to reach and maintain a healthy weight. On top of that, I am restricted in my mobility due to a 60% loss of my quadricep muscle as a result of an accident, so exercise is restricted.

I have been “thin” my whole life but found myself gaining weight since my mid thirties. I tried several different common diet programs which either left me gaining more weight or simply just maintaining, with no weight loss.  I am not a “big” eater, I am not a snacker, I do not have any food addictions…other than unsweetened iced tea.  I was diagnosed with the three conditions about nine years ago, was given different drugs to help, was taken off the drugs because they were not helping or because the doctors didn’t think I needed them any longer. I even followed a “healthy” diet of the “food pyramid”, snacking on veggies. And the whole time, I have continued to gain weight (over 80lbs in 9 years).

After discussing several of the HCG diets that are available with several friends who have participated in different programs, I knew that the very restricted diets with very low calories was probably not for me. I know this had to be something I could continue to do for the rest of my life. It wasn’t just about losing weight, it was about losing it and maintaining a healthy weight. I needed a program that didn’t fit 99.9% of the population, but was “customized” to what my body was doing and how it was responding to food.

The week of my 48th birthday, I was home getting ready to go to a birthday lunch with a friend when I heard about the Prolean Wellness System on channel 3 (Your Life A to Z). The segment caught my attention when they said that the programs are tailored to the individual. I had already scheduled a few consultations with other HCG providers and found that I was either annoyed at their persistence in selling their products and supplements or seemed more focused on getting the weight off and “worrying about maintaining it later”. I made an appointment with Prolean and met with Jeff. He presented the “facts” to me. I did not feel as though anything was being “hidden”. There were no high pressure sales pitches which portrayed a great trust and belief in the Prolean program. The program itself seemed very comprehensive and even provided a nutritionist as well as a maintenance portion to the program. I joined!

I started the program on Wednesday June 16th. I write to you today on Wednesday July 14th, 24lbs lighter! I am amazed at the results to date and have a positive outlook about the remaining 8 weeks of the program. I am a little anxious about the maintenance program but will take it day-by-day and I know Dr. Burns and her staff will be there to support me as I face any challenges.

Cathy Sargent

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