5 Ways to Lose Weight without Going Hungry

5 Ways to Lose Weight without Going Hungry

There’s a lot more to weight loss than a “calories in/calories out” mentality. Many people feel like trying to lose weight is resigning themselves to a lifestyle of misery, at least for 90 days or however long they think they need. The truth is that there are plenty of healthy ways to lose weight without starving yourself or even going hungry! If you go about it correctly, weight loss and maintenance will soon become part of your daily routine.girl in a swing

  1. Drink your water. Can we say this enough? I don’t think so. Try to drink a full glass of water before each meal. Then, drink another one right after! Sound like overkill? It’s not. Drinking water will help your tummy feel full even before those “satisfaction signals” reach your brain. If you have the urge to snack between meals, make sure you drink another glass of water before deciding to eat or not. The cravings will quickly disappear.water bottle
  2. Figure out how much protein your body needs. One of the reasons that people get hungry when they try a new weight loss program is that they underestimate their body’s protein requirements. It’s important to know how much muscle mass you’re working with. You MUST consume enough protein or your lean tissue will deteriorate due to a restrictive diet. Less lean tissue means more fat, so while you might lose weight initially, it will come back QUICKLY if you don’t keep up your muscle mass.salad with meat
  3. Eat at least five meals a day. Warning: this does not mean that you get to eat five full-course dinners a day! That doesn’t help anyone lose weight. What we mean by five meals a day is that you split up your protein requirements into at least five separate meals. That way, there’s shorter time between meals and you never let your metabolism get down too low—aka, you never get too hungry during the day!meal with spinach, egg, chicken, avocado, tomato
  4. Load your fridge with green and leafy veggies. There are a few foods that you should always have on hand to combat a snack attack. Good examples are celery, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, and other cruciferous veggies. These have TONS of fiber in them, which keep you full and satisfied throughout the day, and they don’t add extra carbs or sugars to your diet.green vegetables
  5. Find a distraction. Is there a certain time of the day when you’re accustomed to eating? Maybe it’s late at night during the news, or during the lull at work in the afternoon. If you don’t fill snack time with another activity, you’ll have a hard time denying those cravings! Instead, get up and take a walk or play a game with your family. You’ll be shocked at how much you can do with the time you spent eating!people playing games

Let me repeat: YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE HUNGRY. Use these tips to create a sustainable lifestyle and stay full throughout the day. For more info, check out our website or give us a call today!

  • Shaun Jones
    Posted at 21:55h, 30 May

    These are all great tips! I think people forget that when you want to lose weight you actually don’t have to starve yourself. It’s all about changing your lifestyle. These simple tips can be applied without really changing anything. I will admit that when I first started my fitness journey, I was a little hungry because I didn’t realize how much protein I needed. I was eating too little. I have since changed that. It took a while to figure that out, but now I know! Thanks for sharing!

    • shelbydw
      Posted at 01:01h, 31 May

      No problem, and thanks for your comment! I’m so glad that you’ve been able to make progress on your own journey!

  • Hoon Gyeong
    Posted at 08:13h, 02 November

    Ohh. Great tips you have given here. I am trying to maintain a healthy diet. i hope this will help me in next. thank you.