5 Ways to Maintain Your Progress on Vacation

5 Ways to Maintain Your Progress on Vacation

5 Ways to Maintain Your Progress on Vacation

It seems like everyone is always a little more motivated to be fit during the summer, am I right? The weather is nice, so it’s easier to get outside and be active. It’s also pool and beach season, so that bathing suit is a pretty good incentive to get in shape as well! Summer really should be the healthiest time of the year, except for one tricky thing: vacation.

Vacations are the great saboteurs of good intentions, especially on a weight loss program. You can work your tail off for months and then take a vacation for a week, only to find that you’ve lost a lot of your progress. At Prolean Wellness, we don’t want that to happen! Here are five ways you can keep on track and still have an awesome time on your trip.

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  1. Meal prep. If you’re on a strict diet for health reasons and can find a way to bring your meals ahead of time, do it! Grill up a few chicken breasts and cut up some veggies, portion out your servings, and bring them along to give yourself healthy options. If you want to bring full meals, we have some great recipe options here on our website.
  2. Plan ahead when you go out. One of the best parts of vacation is trying new restaurants, and we totally get that! An insider tip is to look up the menu ahead of time and choose what you’ll order before getting to the restaurant. Almost every restaurant posts the menu online these days, so take a minute to look at it before you’re under pressure and hungry.
  3. Schedule activities that don’t involve food. Sometimes it seems like vacations are just strings of meals with other stuff squeezed in between. Make active time a priority. We highly recommend taking a bike tour of a new city or finding a new hike on https://www.alltrails.com/.
  4. Hold yourself accountable. Time off from work is a bad reason to take time off from your progress. Find a workout video on YouTube or make use of the hotel gym; just try your best to get your workout in where you can.
  5. Practice creating a lifestyle. Vacations are great opportunities to practice making your new lifestyle sustainable. Create habits that you can take with you anywhere. Maintain a diet and fitness routine that will help you wherever life takes you. It is very possible!

Hopefully these tips help you enjoy your vacations and reaching your goals. Have a wonderful summer!

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