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Jim H.

Prolean Wellness
April 25, 2023
Ref: My experience with the Prolean program

Dear Jeff
When I saw you on the Channel 3, I was intrigued by your program.

I as well as many others have seen adverts for weight loss/fat reduction programs. I was, as most people are, skeptical of them.
Well, after researching your company and interfacing with you and your inhouse professionals, I was ready to give it a try.
Unlike other programs, yours is based on science.

First off, Bloodwork testing, Bone and Fat scans were done to give us a snapshot of what condition my body was in. Then I was assigned to your inhouse specialists, Dr. Dunn, and Natalie, my nutritionist/certified personal trainer for analysis. Subsequently, a personalized program was designed for me.

Your 12-week program is brilliantly put together although very challenging. You must be committed to strictly follow the program. Thankfully, Natalie monitored and met with me weekly to ensure I adhered to the regiment. Proper eating, nutrition, supplements, and exercise.

After 12 weeks, I graduated from the program. I am pleased to be the recipient of a new healthy body. Follow-up scans were done, and a recap of my results determined that I had lost over 30 lbs and more importantly I lost 38% of my excess fat, as well as increasing my bone density. Very importantly, my previous IBS issues are gone, and I feel healthy and have more energy.
I am also surprised and pleased to receive positive remarks from others as to not only how well I look, but how my posture, walking and bearing has improved dramatically.

The Prolean program is not a one-off, one-time program. Jeff and his dedicated team will be following me with 6-month scan/visits to ensure that the important life/food lessons that I have learned over the 12-week program become a life program. A special shout out to Rachel at the front desk that keeps everything and everyone on track.

I highly recommend this program to the individuals that really want to make a difference. Not only to their health, but their ongoing lifestyle and longevity.

A Big thanks to Jeff and his dedicated team.
Jim H.

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