A Giant Among Supplements: Behold GlucoControl

A Giant Among Supplements: Behold GlucoControl

Maybe you didn’t know this (or maybe you did), but at Prolean Wellness, our team of health fanatics, doctors, and nutritionists work with some of the best chemists around to produce awesome supplements! A lot of research goes into these things. We analyze our clients, look at common issues that several of them deal with, and then figure out what natural solutions we can offer.hands with a clipboard

Many of our clients know about GlucoFactors, which we developed to help lower blood sugar levels. While they’re great supplements, we’ve made some improvements and now proudly unveil GlucoFactors’ more attractive and impressive older brother: GlucoControl.

Let me clarify. GlucoControl is not just for diabetics or people with high blood sugar levels! If you’re someone who likes the occasional carb-y/sugary meal, if you want to manage your weight, or if you even just want to keep your body running at its best, consider GlucoControl as the answer.man running

How can I make these claims? Mainly because of the rock star ingredients we’ve packed into these little pills. Berberine, ALA (alpha lipolic acid), and biotin work together like a great band to create a product that is far more impressive than the sum of their parts!

First, let me introduce the lead singer: berberine. This guy is the real heavy lifter—here’s a list of everything that berberine can do in doctor-speak:

  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce lipids by inhibiting lipid synthesis and improving liver function
  • Reduce liver glucose
  • Restore normal HA1c

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If you’re anything like me, that’s all well and good…but I want to know how it can make a difference in my daily life! After a little more research, I came up with this list of what the effects of berberine really look like.

  • It lowers blood sugar just like metformin, the leading diabetic medication! Only, berberine does this naturally, without any side effects.
  • Reduced lipids mean lower cholesterol. In one study, berberine “lowered triglycerides by 35.9 percent, LDL cholesterol by 21 percent, and total cholesterol by 18 percent” * in participants.
  • When blood sugar levels are lowered and insulin sensitivity is increased, your body is primed to fight “prediabetes”—the precursor to diabetes that affects 84 million Berberine dramatically reduces the likelihood of progression to diabetes over ten years.
  • Have I mentioned weight loss? Yes, please. Berberine improves your metabolic function, which means that when you combine it with diet and exercise, you can get some very impressive results!
  • Berberine works to eliminate unhealthy fatty deposits in the liver, which means that your liver works much better. And you do need your liver to, you know. Live.
  • Finally, berberine is great for those tummy aches. It calms everything from IBS to diarrhea and other digestive issues. For those who suffer from such issues, this news is a great relief!

Impressive, right? All that from one ingredient! However, you really can’t forget about the other members of the band, ALA and biotin. While many of their functions overlap with those of berberine, they each contribute other vital processes that create a healthy harmony.woman dancing

ALA is key because it supports liver detox pathways that help berberine eliminate fatty deposits. It also repairs damaged blood vessels and promotes normal thyroid hormone levels. Finally, it improves neural function in diabetics, combating neuropathy and eliminating numbness in the hands, arms, legs and feet.

Biotin reduces homocysteine in the blood, where it can be very dangerous in elevated levels. Homocysteine is normal to find in the body. However, it can narrow your blood vessels when it gets into your bloodstream. Higher levels of homocysteine mean greater risk of heart attack and stroke. Now look at that, biotin does more than just clear up your skin and thicken your hair and nails!smiling man

As you can see, GlucoControl packs a mean punch. We’ve also lowered the cost by over 40%, even though each capsule is 33% more effective than GlucoFactors! By basing our products on the needs of our clients, we’ve been able to create a supplement that you can rely on for various conditions. We know the issues that you face, and we want to help you find solutions without nasty side effects of medication. Try out GlucoControl today and see the difference that it will make in your well-being!

*More information and studies can be found here.

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