An Inside Look at the iDXA Scanner

An Inside Look at the iDXA Scanner

Have you ever wondered what the number on the scale actually means?  How much of you is real, solid muscle, and how much of you is just fat?  How much water weight are you really carrying?  Are all those days at the gym giving you the results you would like, or are you still missing your target areas?  Which areas should you even target?  Many people ask these questions, and one of the main services at Prolean Wellness, the iDXA scanner, can provide the answers.


What is the iDXA?


The iDXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scanner is a pretty cool gadget.  It’s a machine used by the Olympic training center and shows like The Biggest Loser, hospitals, universities, and imaging centers.  For what, you ask?  The scanner sends quick bursts of low-rem X-rays through the body from a detector arm that runs the length of the body.  It not only gauges bone health and density, but fat and lean muscle as well.  It can even determine differences between the right and left hemispheres of the body, telling you how much fat and/or muscle exists in one area, down to the gram.


How can this information help you?


The iDXA scanner doesn’t sugar-coat a thing.  All the stats of your body are laid out in plain sight, with green meaning body fat percentage in the normal range (below 25%), yellow meaning the overweight range (26%-59%), and red meaning the obese range (60% and above).  This information is incredibly useful.  It gives crucial guidance to trainers and nutritionists, letting them know if the way you are exercising and eating is having a positive effect on your body fat percentage.

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It also helps them determine if you are really losing the fat you want to lose, or gaining the muscle you want to gain.  The iDXA scanner can cut down on your time in the weight room and give you better results at the same time.  Going to the gym for two hours a day isn’t a possibility for everyone, and in order to get ahead of the rest, you’ll need to train smarter, not harder.  Specifically targeting areas of your body and carefully measuring their progress through precise imaging helps to pinpoint your weaknesses and overcome them much more quickly.  This really does give an edge that can differentiate you from the competition, especially as an athlete.


If you’d like to see what you’re really made of and find out how you can improve every aspect of your fitness, or if you’d simply like more information on the iDXA scanner and its benefits, you can visit our website at   Your body will tell you what it needs—we’re here to help you see it.

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