Avocado Mint Sherbet

Avocado Mint Sherbet

Makes 3 servings | 1 serving = 1/2 cup | 1 serving fat


  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 dropper peppermint stevia
  • 1 tbsp powered Treleafia or stevia
  • 1 cup mint leaves, de-stemmed
  • Pinch of sea salt


  1. Blend all the ingredients together in a blender until smooth.
  2. Stir well and then pour the mixture into a glass container and place in the freezer.
  3. Stir every hour until it is uniformly frozen. (Should be completely frozen after 3-4 hours).
  4. Cover and store in the freezer. The mint flavor develops as it freezes. This sherbet will keep well for at least two weeks. Best to store in a small mason jar.
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