Blowing Holes in Brick Walls

Blowing Holes in Brick Walls

If you have struggled with your weight then you know the brick walls of which I speak. Every time you get some degree of success, you hit an impenetrable brick wall and you stall out. You have tried everything under the sun to get past it you keep hitting it and getting really frustrated. Sound familiar?

This was the case for a good portion of my adult life. I struggled to find the answers to my weight issues and every time I think I had it nailed, I’d hit the wall and stall out. This constant frustration continued and I continued to gain weight….finally ending up at 356 pounds at forty years of age. In my case, and in the case of many of us, our so-called “brick walls” are not made up of bricks at all, but rather microscopic compounds in our body chemistry. Turns out that too much of this hormone and too little of that hormone can spell disaster for even the best eating and exercise programs!

It’s really too bad that it took me 40 years to learn this information. In my case, too much insulin was inhibiting the action of my own Human Growth Hormone (HGH). My body would actually tell itself NOT to burn fat but look for sugar to burn instead! And then to compound matters, my natural levels of the essential hormone DHEA were so low that my body wouldn’t make enough testosterone. No wonder I couldn’t ever see results from working out! This one-two punch was keeping me from breaking through and keeping me frustrated. Once I finally understood the power of these hormones and the importance of keeping them under control, it made all the difference for me. This is very common!

Whether by genetic predisposition (born this way) or by behavior (ate myself this way), our hormonal soup exerts great influence over our body. At Prolean Wellness, we see this happening all the time. Many of our clients have done all the “right things” prior to coming to Prolean yet they never saw lasting success. It wasn’t until they started the Prolean Program where we discovered the source of their “brick walls”…their body chemistry! We delve deep into the source of each client’s issues to ensure that the “brick walls” the have encountered in the past are blown apart and the path to success is made clear. This is the only way to ensure that long term success is achieved.

Don’t continue down the same path that leads to your brick wall…change yourself from the inside out and you will be able to smash through those walls with ease.

To find out more about the Prolean Wellness programs and learn how to blow massive holes in your brick walls, call us at (480)477-6334 or visit us at

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