Build Muscle and Lose Weight with Whey Protein Supplements

Build Muscle and Lose Weight with Whey Protein Supplements

If you are looking to lose weight and build muscle, adding weigh protein to your diet is a good route to take. In fact, here are four great benefits that whey protein has to offer.

Benefit #1: Excellent Source of Protein

Whey protein is a complete, high-quality protein that contains all of the essential amino acids that your body needs. Not only is it very digestible, but it is also absorbed from the gut more quickly than other types of protein. 

Benefit #2: Promoting Muscle Growth

Whey protein is also an excellent addition to your diet because it promotes muscle growth. Your muscle mass declines naturally as you grow older, which can lead to fat gain and increased risk of many chronic diseases. Strength training coupled with consumption of high-protein foods or supplements can help to slow, prevent or even reverse this process. Whey protein in particular has been shown to be slightly better at achieving these results than other types of protein.

Benefit #3: Reducing Hunger

Protein is considered to be the most filling of the three macronutrients of protein, carbs and fats. Whey protein in particular has been found to be more satiating than others types of proteins. By helping to reduce your hunger, you are able to eat less and consume fewer calories. 

Benefit #4: Reducing Blood Fats

It is no secret that having high cholesterol levels is bad for your health. In fact, the higher your LDL cholesterol, the greater your risk factor for heart disease. Whey protein, however, can help to reduce your total cholesterol as well as your LDO cholesterol levels. In fact, one study found that overweight individuals who consumed 54 grams of whey protein each day for 12 weeks had significant reduction in total and LDL cholesterol. 

To learn more about whey protein and how to incorporate it into your diet so you, too, can enjoy these benefits, contact Prolean Wellness today!

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