Combatting Stress Eating During COVID-19

Combatting Stress Eating During COVID-19

Combatting Stress Eating During COVID-19

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With the current pandemic and state of the world, many people are experiencing new types and levels of stress that they have never experienced before. For many, eating healthy while under stress can be difficult. In fact, many people turn to food to help deal with stressful situations. 

Why Do We Stress Eat?

There are many reasons why you may stress eat, but the most biological reason is endorphins. Eating a chocolate bar, for example, releases endorphins that make you feel temporarily happy, Therefore, when in need of relief from the stress, you crave whatever food is going to give you those feelings of happiness. Unfortunately, while eating that food may help to alleviate your feelings of stress temporarily, an unhealthy diet only contributes to long-term stress. Therefore, it is important for you to learn how to deal with stress in a healthy manner.

How Does Eating Junk Food Affect the Body?

Sugar and starch, which is found in abundance in most junk foods and other “comfort” foods, creates a spike in your blood sugar as well as your insulin levels. When combined with the cortisol that is produced by stress, it leads to a vicious cycle that causes you to eat more and more. This also puts you at a greater risk of developing insulin resistance or diabetes. 

How Can I More Effectively Deal with Stress?

Making healthy living choices is the most important step you can take toward reducing the amount of stress in your life. Not only will this help you to feel less stress, but a healthy lifestyle will also make your body better capable of protecting itself against the harmful effects of stress. Therefore, you should look for alternative ways to deal with your stress. If you feel the overwhelming need to eat during stressful times, focus on eating healthy vegetables instead. 

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