Comparison: The Thief of Joy…and Results!

Comparison: The Thief Of Joy…And Results

Comparison: The Thief of Joy…and Results!

Have you ever entered a weight loss competition? Maybe an office-wide “Biggest Loser” challenge, or a friendly wager with your significant other? Perhaps your competitor doesn’t even know the rivalry exists! I’ll admit it—sometimes I push myself a little longer on the elliptical just to show up the person next to me.

A lot of people think that competition is a great motivator, and one of those short-term contest might just give you short-lived weight loss. However, pushing yourself to surpass someone else in a pound-for-pound competition is never a good idea!feet on a bathroom scale

Your body is DIFFERENT than everyone else’s! That means that your weight loss will happen at a different rate in different amounts and in different areas! Trying to match someone else’s weight loss goals can be unrealistic and even discouraging. Your body is totally unique, so don’t try to mold it into something it’s not!woman holding measuring tape

The ideal plan is to try and become your best self. Figure out the body fat percentage at which you feel your healthiest and make that your goal. Work towards wearing your favorite pair of jeans again—it’s much more satisfying than fretting about your gym partner’s progress!woman on a mountain

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