Corporate Wellness

You know your employees are your greatest asset, but did you know they can also be your greatest risk?

corporate wellness

With insurance costs rising higher than ever and economic competition growing each day, modern companies can’t afford to employ people who place their health in danger. Here are a few numbers that put the cost of an unhealthy employee into perspective:

  • An overweight employee costs an extra $1,850 to insure each year.
  • A diabetic employee costs an extra $12,533 to insure each year. (ADA 2012)
  • Diabetes compounds the cost of other illnesses by 2.3 times.
  • Obese employees average an additional 9.4 days absent each year.
  • Diabetic employees average an additional 11 days absent each year. (ADA 2012)

For these reasons, Prolean Wellness is happy to introduce the Corporate Wellness program. In order to help your employees improve their health and quality of life, your responsibility, as an employer, is to invest in a plan that yields proven results. Our model is built on a solid track record of creating real and significant change in a limited time frame. We will address health issues directly, provide personal solutions, and guide your employees to maintainable success.

Consider our effective corporate wellness solutions to dramatically improve your employees’ health and productivity, as well as your bottom line!

What Our Corporate Clients are Saying:

“I had a very positive outcome to my experience with Prolean. I lost a total of 26 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 6.”

– J. Connors

“Overall, I had a great opportunity to participate in a fully funded weight loss program, I am considering my participation a success!”

–D. Sutherland

That is why we sought the Prolean Corporate Wellness. Prolean has a proven track record in the industry of providing specific and highly customized wellness programs that have the ability to show significant results and provide the tools for lasting results. Our employees who have participated in the program have had very positive results. To that point, the AVERAGE fat lost amounts our employees has been over 25% and the best part is that they typically greatly reduce or eliminate their diabetic and hypertension medications. The result and ensuing excitement have been very promising. Read more…

– G. Nelson, Executive Officer, The Mahoney Group

At last, Prolean Wellness sets the new standard for what corporate wellness should be—effective! Contact us to build a relationship between our company and yours. Become a force for change in the lives of your employees and in the eyes of your shareholders!

For inquiries about Prolean Wellness Corporate, please contact Jeff Dana directly to schedule a personal consultation.

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