At Prolean Wellness, we believe that accuracy equals results. This is the reason we employ the Hologics DEXA scanner, a revolutionary instrument that measures four key components of your body structure (lean tissue mass, bone mass, visceral fat mass and overall fatty tissue mass), and also analyzes your skeletal health.

 Does Precision Matter?

Most definitely! Standard body weight scales measure how heavy you are, but don’t determine your lean-to-fat ratio. That means you have no idea how much fat or muscle you have. Based only on scale weight, a 250-pound athlete with 8% body fat may be considered “overweight” by a typical weight chart or BMI. Such charts are inaccurate indications of ideal body weight for general health or athletic performance.

Our scanner is an advanced Hologics Horizon Wi 64 receptor scanner with BODY LOGIC software. This means that you will get the most accurate scan on the planet and we will be able to “see inside” your body to reveal the amount of dangerous visceral fat you might be holding around your organs. This type of fat is the leading indicator for many metabolic disorders. Many DEXA scanners on the market only offer 16 receptor performance and do not offer specific visceral fat data.



We’re not the only ones who love this technology.

We have been using the DEXA scanner “in house” in the creation of our custom wellness plans for the last 15+ years. Now, many leaders in the health, wellness and fitness fields are recommending the DEXA as a crucial part of any plan. These leaders include Dr. Peter Attia, Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, and many others. The U.S. Olympic Training Staff relies heavily on the imaging from the DEXA machine to help their athletes focus their training.  Most successful professional sports franchises including the NFL, NBA, and MLB rely on the DEXA as a valuable tool in their athletic performance programs. Needless to say, we’re proud to offer this technology to our own clients!

What the Hologics DEXA Scan Can Do for You:

  • Deliver the most accurate body scan available without breaking the bank
  • Identify the most effective workouts for your body
  • Enables a precise protein calculation of the protein your muscles need for maintenance and growth
  • Provide a four-point assessment of muscle, fat, bone and visceral fat
  • Offer a comprehensive view of overall wellness in ten minutes or less
  • Check out a sample Body Logic DEXA report here

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