Diet Portion Myths Debunked

Diet Portion Myths Debunked

Diet Portion Myths Debunked

When it comes to losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, there are many myths floating around regarding portions. By better understanding these myths and the reality behind them, you will be better prepared to develop a food plan that will help you achieve your desired weight.

Myth #1: You Can Eat Anything So Long as the Portions are Small

There is a common belief that it is acceptable to eat whatever you want to eat so long as you keep the portions small. Many foods are currently on the market that offer “mini” servings. But the reality is that “mini” does not automatically translate into “healthy”. Mini candy bars, for example, are still not healthy and will still increase your calorie intake without offering any nutrients in return. Therefore, while it may be better to eat a mini candy bar rather than a king size, don’t fool yourself into thinking these calories somehow don’t count. Remember, even if you are “only” eating a 100-calorie mini-version of something, it takes about a mile to burn those 100 calories off. Ask yourself, is it worth it?

Myth #2: You Can Eat All That You Want of Certain Foods

While it is true that some foods such as lettuce, cucumbers and celery offer negative calories, this is not true of most foods. So, yes, when it comes to foods with negative calories, you can eat all that you want. That is because these foods require more energy to eat and digest than they actually give to your body. All other foods, however, still need to be monitored to ensure you are not overindulging in calories. Even “healthy” snacks such as nuts can be loaded with calories if you eat too many. 

In short, losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight requires diligence. Always remember that every calorie counts, regardless of whether or not the snack is “healthy” or comes in “mini” sizes.

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