Digestive Support from Prolean: Experience the Difference

Digestive Support from Prolean: Experience the Difference

Proper digestion is not only essential for a healthy digestive tract, but is also necessary to build and maintain a strong immune system while also optimizing energy levels. Yet, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) reports that nearly 70 million Americans suffer from digestive problems. Scientists and health professionals agree that probiotics and enzymes are essential in supporting proper digestion while also promoting overall health and vitality. For this reason, Prolean Wellness has developed Digestive Support to supply a superior blend of natural enzymes, herbs, prebiotics and probiotics that are essential for healthy digestion and for increasing absorption of nutrients from food. 

A Closer Look at Digestive Support

In order to help build your digestive system, Digestive Support from Prolean Wellness contains 13 pH stabilized probiotics and prebiotics. The unique probiotic blend provides more than 2.5 billion CFU of live, active probiotics, with the 13 different probiotic species being specifically selected for their known health benefits. Meanwhile, the prebiotic and herbal support blend combine with a stabilized form of glutamine as well as the naturally soothing benefits of beet root, chamomile, ginger and peppermint. 

Digestive Support also includes a proprietary nutrient delivery system known as M.E.D.S. This system combines the power of enzymes and fully-utilizable micronutrients to deliver maximum results. The unique blend of enzymes found in Digestive Support help to support healthy digestion while also promoting full utilization of the nutrients in the foods that you eat in order to maximize your energy levels.

Benefits of Using Digestive Support

Including Digestive Support in your diet offers a number of benefits. In addition to aiding digestion and elimination, it also helps to sooth and calm your stomach and digestive tract while increasing the utilization of protein and other nutrients for building muscle. It also supports the immune system while increasing the nutritional value of foods by assuring nutrients from food absorbed by the body. Digestive Support also helps to maintain healthy functioning of the intestinal tract while also promoting longevity and normal tone in the digestive tract. 

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