Don’t Get Fat on Thanksgiving

Don’t Get Fat on Thanksgiving

Don’t Get Fat on Thanksgiving

I’m just going to come out and say it.

Thanksgiving is an awesome day, but it is a day that can WRECK you.

Never have so many high-carb, high-calorie foods been gathered together in one place. It’s like a convention for things that will put you in a diabetic coma. 

Now, Thanksgiving is a day where many of us gleefully take off our diet hats and gladly jam party hats on our heads instead. “Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving!” “Cranberry sauce counts as a fruit, right?” “I think pumpkin pie is a good vegetable serving today.” These are all things that I’ve heard during the holidays before, and while they’re cute and funny and might make you feel better about eating terribly, they will destroy your progress.

Here are a few sayings that might actually help instead.

Go big on the turkey. If you’re going to eat a lot, make sure it’s a high-protein option. Turkey, especially white meat, is a great lean protein that will fill you up without adding extra carbs. Make sure you don’t just fry the turkey—roast it in the oven, or, if you’re really dedicated, wrap it in bacon and cook it in a pit the night before (a treasured Prolean family tradition!).

Force yourself to eat some vegetables. Who wants to eat the veggie tray on Thanksgiving? You do. Trust me. Make sure that at least a third of your plate has some colorful vegetables on it and eat them! They’ll fill you up and make it harder to go back for seconds or thirds. And pumpkin pie doesn’t count. Not even on Thanksgiving.

Finally, prioritize your food. Make sure you really want and enjoy the high-carb food you eat. If you’re throwing Aunt Mabel’s green Jello salad onto the plate just because it’s on the table, you’re sabotaging yourself. Don’t eat things that you don’t even like! Create a dedicated space on your plate for the marshmallow-covered sweet potatoes and green bean casserole and savor every bite. Curate your plate to balance the best experience with the best for you.

Alright, there you have it. Armed with that advice, hopefully you have a successful Thanksgiving this year. Enjoy your family, food, and give thanks for your amazing body and everything it does for you.

Happy Holidays!

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