Don’t Sweat It: Transforming Your Body Without Living in the Gym

Transforming Your Body Without Living In The Gym

Don’t Sweat It: Transforming Your Body Without Living in the Gym

When it comes to getting healthy, one of the most common (and frankly LAMEST) excuses that we get is, “I just don’t have time!” Apparently most people believe that in order to drop a few pounds and get in shape, you have to dedicate hours and dollars to the gym and a personal trainer.

Let me clarify that misconception real quick: YOU DON’T. Of course exercise is key, but what you put into your body is more important than how you burn it off, especially when you’re first starting a fitness routine.

When it comes to working out, make sure you establish a routine that you can maintain. For most people, spending two hours at the gym each day just isn’t possible. That doesn’t mean having a rockin’ bod is out of your reach!

There are thousands of ways to stay in shape without setting foot in the gym. My saving grace these days are workout videos on YouTube and exercise routines on Pinterest! You can do them in your living room and they can last as long as you want. (I usually keep things to 45 minutes or so). Guess what? They really do make a difference, especially because those regular workouts establish a healthy habit that builds and tones muscle!person rolling a yoga mat

Making healthy food choices is really the biggest factor in whether or not you lose weight. I’ve always heard that a fit lifestyle is 80% diet and 20% exercise, and I fully believe that’s true!

If you’re following a Prolean Wellness plan, you’ll receive daily emails with exercise tips that can be done at home with no equipment or just simple weights. Completing these simple exercises, sticking to the meal plan, and keeping in frequent contact with your nutrition coach is guaranteed success!woman looking at her phone

Here’s the bottom line: don’t let exercising (or not exercising) keep you from working toward your goals. Eat right and establish a manageable fitness routine that works with your schedule, and the results will happen!

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