Eat Your Veggies and LIKE Them!

Eat Your Veggies And LIKE Them

Eat Your Veggies and LIKE Them!

Everyone has some type of food that they just don’t like. Personally, I have a thing against bell peppers. I just can’t bring myself to like them raw, on a pizza, or even in a fajita! That’s not a super big deal though because I still love a lot of other options that give me the nutrition I need.

The problem comes when you have a hard time liking anything green and leafy. Many people blame their weight on the fact that they just can’t eat any healthy food because they hate all of it! This is excuse is lameeee and here’s why.hands holding lettuce

Processed foods have additives that can be addictive, like salt and sugar. Those things don’t satiate your hunger and provide nutrition. Instead, they make you crave more salt and sugar, which leads to greater weight gain in the end.girl holding candy

Your palate is molded by what you feed it and your history with food. If you grew up eating crackers and sweets as a kid, that taste will stick with you. If you never made yourself eat your vegetables as a teen, you probably never learned to like them and will have a very hard time forcing them down. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way!girl eating cotton candy

A recent study showed that kids who were served the same veggies once a week for ten weeks reported enjoying the food they previously disliked at the beginning of the study. This means that if you can get yourself to try something just ten times, you can overcome your aversions and train yourself to like it!salad

It does take some effort to reset your taste buds. The first step is to avoid packaged foods at the store and cook at home. Take control of your food and avoid added salt and sugar. Try experimenting with different vegetables to expand your palate. You will be amazed at the things you like and how much better you feel in the end!

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