Elite Weight Loss Program

The Prolean Elite Program is specially designed for clients who are serious about their health and ready for results.

This program works best because it includes a personalized plan based on your body, so that you can not only lose fat, but keep it off as well!

elite weight loss | Prolean Wellness

The Elite Program includes:

Recommended weight loss prescription medications (based on doctor recommendations) or MitoKits – Kickstart your metabolism with medications to help (all safely prescribed based on your lab results)  or if medication is not preferred use our patented MitoKit

Medical Exam – Our certified naturopathic physician addresses any issues contributing to your weight gain and overall health and monitors your progress.

Nutrition Consultation ­­– Our resident nutritionist specializes in the Prolean method and develops a personal nutrition plan based on your body’s requirements and your weight loss goals. Goals are long-term and will help you achieve lasting results.

Comprehensive Lab Tests – The tests ensure that you remain healthy and balanced for the duration of the program. The lab includes a standard chemical panel as well as additional tests you won’t find at the average clinic.

Supplements –  The Prolean proprietary supplements are compounded at a local pharmacy specifically for your body to raise your dopamine and DHEA levels, enhance your metabolism and maximize your weight loss. Only prescribed if DHEA levels are below the ideal range.

B-12 Sublingual Drops Vitamin B-12 drops provide a daily boost of energy during the first six weeks of the program.

Three iDXA Scans – The state-of-the-art iDXA scans are key to your success! The first scan is scheduled at the onset of our program and the second is scheduled after completion of the 12 weeks. The third scan can be scheduled at your discretion.

Bone Density Scan – The scan’s detailed analysis is used to determine your overall bone health.

Personal Training Session – Our trainer is prepared to teach you how to get the most out of your workouts.

Twelve-Week Follow-Up – Frequent weigh-ins and diet guidance will help you hold yourself accountable after the initial weight loss.

Program Manual – The take-home manual is a vital resource to answer all of your questions about our program and process. It includes tracking sheets and recipes to make your weight loss as smooth as possible.

BodySite Integration – Bodysite is just another way we’re looking to provide support to our clients. It’s an online platform where you can track your program, log food and exercise, and communicate with our team whenever you have questions. It also syncs right to your FitBit and other fitness devices!

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