Fat Cells: They May Be Your Worst Enemy, But You’re Their Best Friend

Fat Cells: They May Be Your Worst Enemy, But You’re Their Best Friend

I once read a comic where the main character looked at herself in the mirror and asked, “Why can’t I just convince all the fat cells in my body to move into my hair?  Then I could finally have a smokin’ hot bod AND nice, full hair!”  Wouldn’t it be nice??  The question really is a puzzler though—Why is it that it is SO EASY to put on the flab and SO DIFFICULT to get it off?  Well, here are a few answers.

Heard of a thing called BMR?  It’s actually your resting metabolism, or the process that uses up the majority of your calories.  It is determined by two factors:  genetics and the fat-to-muscle ratio of your body.   The genetic thing…well, there isn’t really much you can do about that part.  Luckily, you do have some say about how much fat you choose to keep on your body…

And you don’t want there to be much.  Why?  Because fat is not a passive participant in this game.  Oh no, while you struggle to burn those calories every day, fat actually works against you!  It hardly lifts a finger, burning only 2 calories a day for every pound of fat that you’ve got.

(actual body fat)

Luckily, you’ve got muscle on your side!  This guy fights with you, not against you, burning up to three times more calories than fat does while at rest.  Even better?  Many of those calories come from fat storage units, weakening the daily effect of those fat cells.

Unfortunately, the fatty fellas don’t take this one nicely.  They fight back with a little demon called visceral fat, which lurks behind your abdominal muscles, surrounds your internal organs, and does some really nasty damage.  Visceral fat releases various substances called adipokines, which all work against you by raising your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, and heart disease.  Visceral fat also makes some drastic drops in your adiponectin, a crucial hormone for regulating your metabolism.  The less adiponectin that you have, the slower your metabolism becomes…and more fat moves on in!

Luckily for us, there is a solution!  We can win!  The hero in this battle is, as always, more muscle.  So hit the gym and lift those weights, because after 25, we start to lose a fifth of a pound of muscle a year.  Things only get worse after 50, when we lose a pound of muscle every year.  The fight to keep this good guy on our side is worth it!  Muscle boosts our immune system, strengthens bones, loosens joints, straightens postures, and gives relief in times of stress.

Here at Prolean Wellness, we are committed to helping you lose the fat and KEEP the muscle, something that a regular diet-and-exercise program just can’t offer.   For more information on just how this is possible, and how it can help you get rid of all those friendly fat cells, you can call (480-477-6334), visit our website (www.proleanwellness.com), or walk in to our office (14354 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd., Suite 7, Scottsdale, AZ 85260).  While we can’t promise thicker hair, we CAN help you get rid of the fat for the smokin’ healthy bod you’ve dreamt of!

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