Flavor Your Life with Water Drops!

Flavor Your Life with Stevia Water Drops

Flavor Your Life with Water Drops!

Did you know that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated?

That means that three-quarters of us are denying our bodies what they need most: water! The crazy thing is that even if people think they drink enough water—even up to eight servings a day—much of that intake is negated by hydration-sapping things like caffeinated beverages, eating a high-sodium diet, or drinking alcohol.

Water is key in keeping you energetic, fresh, and bright throughout the day.

One of the most common statements from our clients, however, is “I just don’t like to drink water!” Does that sound like you?

“Water-aversion” is not a natural occurrence. We’re born to drink water throughout our lives! But after engaging in a diet saturated with soda, juice, alcohol, and thousands of other flavored drinks, plain old water can seem pretty unappealing. 

Our solution to this personal drought is a sweet combo: Stevia Water Drops!

Sweeten up your water bottle with these easy-to-carry flavor drops. They can transform your drink from “blah” to “very berry” without the harmful effects that many other flavor powders or drops include. 

Instead of being sweetened with sucralose or aspartame, these drops only use stevia, a natural sweetener that is, in our opinion, way better than sugar! Aspartame and sucralose are common ingredients in diet products. While they eliminate the caloric sugar in the food or drink, they can cause terrible issues in your gut by destroying good flora and can cause significantly more powerful cravings for more sweet things. Our advice: get your sweets elsewhere!

That’s why Prolean Wellness advises our clients to go with Stevia Water Drops instead.

They’re delicious and eliminate all the nasty side effects, so you get great hydration, great taste, and NO tummy trouble. The best part is that all through the month of February, our Stevia Water Drops are 10% off! You can shop in-store today. Why wait? Get your sweet hydration today!

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