Frustrated in February: Recommit When Your Goals Get Tough

Frustrated in February: Recommit When Your Goals Get Tough

Frustrated in February: Recommit When Your Goals Get Tough

What’s the fun of February?

There’s still chilly weather without the promise of holidays, there are countless colds passing through, and your New Year’s resolutions start to feel heavier and harder to manage. February is the make-or-break month for change. Real life sets in, but if you can stick with your goals through the next four weeks, you’re very likely to make them healthy habits for the rest of your life!

But what do you do when you’ve lost your motivation to follow through with your healthy eating plans? How do you get yourself up and in your gym clothes when it’s just so cold and dark? Here are a few ways to reset your mind and revamp your goals so that you don’t give in to burnout!

Recommit When Your Goals Get Tough

  1. Revisit your goals. Did you write them down? If not, do it! Make sure that they’re still applicable. A month in, do you still want to drop a pants size? Do you still want to drink enough water? Do you still want to conquer that hike with your daughter? If you still want to reach those goals, then you’re on the right track.
  2. Fix what doesn’t work. Did you make a goal to get up at 5am to exercise every morning and then find yourself dragging through the day? If so, then it’s probably not a great plan. Try to change things around! Figure out a different time of the day to get your workout in so that it works for you. The beautiful thing about goals is that it doesn’t really matter how they get accomplished—leaving you some blessed flexibility.
  3. Finally, measure your progress and count the wins. For some reason, we tend to focus on the ways that we fail in our goals instead of the times when we get it right. For every day we sleep in, we usually make it to the gym three or four times! Be sure to congratulate yourself for the wins! By focusing on the positive changes you make, you are much more likely to stick to your resolve and make progress.

If you’re still having trouble getting motivated, maybe you need help setting the right goals in the first place. That’s where we can help! Come in for a personalized body scan and consultation to see the potential your body has and how to reach it. We love a good goal-setting sesh! For appointments, call (480)477-6334. Let’s achieve your goals today!

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