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Genesis Weight Loss Program

The Prolean Genesis Program is a 10-week protocol with impressive results. It’s based on our Elite Program, but is more affordable and allows you to add components as you see fit. This program is ideal for someone who doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight, but still wants to make a healthy lifestyle change!

Weight Loss | Prolean WellnessThe Genesis Program Includes:

hCG Injections – Kickstart your metabolism with medical-grade hCG


Medical Exam – Our certified naturopathic physician addresses any issues contributing to your weight gain and overall health and monitors your progress.


Nutrition Consultation ­­– Our resident nutritionist specializes in the Prolean method and develops a personal nutrition plan based on your body’s requirements and your weight loss goals. Goals are long-term and will help you achieve lasting results.


Comprehensive Lab Tests – The tests ensure that you remain healthy and balanced for the duration of the program.


B-12 Sublingual Drops – Vitamin B-12 drops provide a daily boost of energy during the first six weeks of the



iDXA Scan – The state-of-the-art iDXA scan is key to your success! The scan is scheduled at the onset of our program and gives us an overall analysis of your health.


Program Manual – The take-home manual is a vital resource to answer all of your questions about our program and process. It includes tracking sheets and recipes to make your weight loss as smooth as possible.


To meet your needs and enhance your success, you may want to add the following items to your program:


Additional 2 weeks of hCG


Extended metabolic blood tests and review (includes: DHEA-S, TSH, T3, T4, Cortisol AM)


Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy  (includes saliva testing)


Additional nutritionist consultations


Bone density testing


Additional iDXA body scan


BodySite Integration


Physical training session


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