Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain with these simple tips:



  1. 1. Be active with friends and family. Go out shopping (instead of shopping online) and park far away from the mall.
  2. 2. Bring your groceries in one by one to add more steps to your pedometer.
  3. 3. Go for a hike on Christmas morning and play football with your kids on Thanksgiving.
  4. 4. Sign up for a Turkey Trot 5K run or walk.
  5. 5. Always plan ahead what you are going to eat or bring your own dish.
  6. 6. Never go shopping hungry or leave your house unprepared.
  7. 7. Skip seconds. Going back for the same food or gorging will add up and can do a number (literally) on the scale. Avoid that by balancing each meal with protein and greens.8. DO NOT SKIP THE WATER! But do skip the sugary beverages or cocktails. Some alcoholic drinks can be up to 500+ calories. Make sure to drink at least a gallon of water per day during the holidays. Add cranberry, rosemary or mint to spruce things up!
  8. 9. Get your stress under control. Meditate, exercise, practice yoga, journal, read, take a bath, go on vacation, do an early “spring cleaning”; and if all else fails…. take a “Cortisupport” which helps lower your cortisol levels and manages stress, sleep, etc.
  9. 10. Get plenty of sleep, but do not throw off your sleep pattern by sleeping in Christmas morning. It can derail your circadian rhythms and cause hormonal imbalances or odd food cravings, such as sugar.11. Choose desserts wisely and savor them. Make sure to only choose ONE, if you must and make sure that it is no larger than the size of your ring finger.12.  Cut back on “taste testing” and do not try everything you make.

    13. Swap mayo for avocado or homemade apple sauce. Avoid the gravy and steer clear of sweet dressings.

    14.  Use a smaller plate! Or share a plate with your loved one to save calories.

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