How Extra Weight is Ruining Your Sex Life

How Extra Weight is Ruining Your Sex Life

How Extra Weight is Ruining Your Sex Life

Weight gain brings with it all sorts of challenges, but one of the most dangerous to any relationship is the difficulty that overweight partners have with intimacy.

Multiple clients report that their spouses or significant others have no problem with their extra weight—they still love them, are attracted to them, and have the desire for physical intimacy. The real problem comes from the overweight people themselves.

People who put on weight after beginning a relationship often have a hard time seeing themselves as attractive and can’t imagine anyone else, even a trusted partner, would be interested. They project their feelings of low self-esteem onto others which can turn into shame, blame, and overall embarrassment. Many men and women report being unable to enjoy sex because they can’t get past the cringy-ness of having their loved one touch their belly fat or other areas they’re ashamed of. They shut down communication and build barriers that disrupt the moment and the relationship itself.

Excess weight has measurable physical effects on your sex life as well.

Overweight men tend to have much lower testosterone levels and can suffer from erectile dysfunction as a result. Overweight women reported increased difficulty with sexual performance and even scored lower than a reference group of cancer survivors. Both men and women who put on excess weight report lower libido as a result. 

Physical intimacy is critical to the health of any committed relationship. In order to bring back the spark, partners must determine that, first and foremost, they love and accept each other no matter how much they weigh. Second, they need to support each other in making healthy choices to resurrect their love lives and even save their relationship. 

One of the best ways to get healthy and regain that spark is getting your hormones in order. The resident Prolean physician, Dr. Dunn, is a great resource for anyone looking to get back in the groove. She specializes in balancing hormones, which is the key to both improving libido and achieving lasting weight loss. Dr. Dunn is an expert at counseling with struggling couples in this regard and—most important—fixing the problems. 

This February, give your relationship the gift of expert attention. Contact Prolean Wellness at (480)477-6334 to set an appointment with Dr. Dunn where you can address your problems and create a plan of action. You deserve to feel your best in the bedroom!

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