How to Set Goals and Actually Reach Them

How to Set Goals and Actually Reach Them

How to Set Goals and Actually Reach Them

Happy New Year! What have you resolved to do better?

Are you aiming to save money this year? Maybe spend less time on your phone or get outside more often? What about the most common resolution of all—to lose the weight and get healthier?

At Prolean Wellness, we are professional goal-reachers. Whatever your goal might be, it’s easy to announce your plans on January 1st when you’re full of hope and high expectations for the new year. February 1st is where your resolve is put to the test. It’s still frosty outside and your enthusiasm has likely grown a little cold as well. Life begins to catch up and things get hard! Here are a few ways you can set goals and reach them, instead of experiencing that February burnout.

  1. Write it down. My mom used to frequently remind me that “A goal not written down is merely a wish.” I don’t know what it is, but putting your goals down on paper makes them real and documents them. It’s hard to go back and say, “Well, I didn’t really mean that,” when you’ve got proof written in your day planner. 
  2. Tell someone your plans. Another perfect way to hold yourself accountable is to tell somebody else about what you’d like to accomplish. Tell someone you trust, who loves you and won’t be judgmental if you ever fall off the wagon. Ask that person to check in with you regularly, to ask how the goal is going and what you’ve been doing recently to reach it. 
  3. Make daily plans for success. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The best way to achieve your goals is to make them part of your daily life. One year, I decided I wanted to get stronger and healthier. That had been my goal before, but I never formed any concrete plans about how to make it happen. Last year, I finally decided to find and follow a daily weight training routine. It forced me to decide to commit to my goals every day, and guess what? I finally saw the results I always wanted.
  4. Notice and appreciate your progress. Allow yourself to feel some satisfaction when you reach your milestones! Don’t be afraid to practice a little self-love and congratulate yourself for a job well done. Change is a challenge, that’s for sure, so be proud of your hard work just like you would be for someone else. And feel free to tell others as well—you never know who you’ll inspire!

If you want an awesome team behind you to help you reach your goals this year, call us up at (480)477-6334 or check out our website, We love working with motivated people and know how to meet you where you are to show you where you could be. We wish you a happy 2020 and all the best with your resolutions!

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