Increase Your Metabolism with Help from Mito-Kit from Prolean Wellness

Increase Your Metabolism with Help from Mito-Kit from Prolean Wellness

When it comes to weight loss and generally achieving and maintaining good health, “metabolism” is a word that frequently gets tossed around. But, what exactly is metabolism and why is it important to have a healthy metabolic rate?

What is Metabolism?

Simply put, metabolism is the term used to refer to the process by which the cells in your body produce energy. It does this by combining oxygen with the calories in the things that you eat and drink in order to release energy. Several factors can affect your base metabolic rate. These include:

  • Body Size and Composition: Larger individuals and individuals with more muscle burn more calories, even when at rest.
  • Gender: Men typically have less body fat and more muscle then women, which means men generally burn more calories when at rest when compared to a woman of the same age and weight.
  • Age: Older individuals tend to have less muscle and more fat, resulting in a slower resting metabolic rate.

Physical activity and the type of food you eat will also have an impact on how many calories your body burns each day. 

Where Does My Body Get its Metabolism?

Generally speaking, most of your body’s energy is produced in the mitochondria within your body’s cells. Your metabolically active cells, which are found in your brain, heart and muscles, may contain hundreds or even thousands of mitochondria. These organelles, which are typically referred to as “the powerhouse of the cell,” are able to burn calories obtained primarily from blood sugar and fat that it finds in your body. Therefore, the more mitochondria your body has, the more calories it is able to burn. 

If you want to give your mitochondrial production a boost in order to increase your metabolism, give Mito-Kit from Prolean Wellness a try. Contact us today to learn more!

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