Intuitive Exercise: What Works for You?

Intuitive Exercise: What Works for You?

Intuitive Exercise: What Works for You?

Every gym, health website, or diet plan will tell you that there’s a “golden hour” to exercise. The crazy thing is that all those hours are different! Some people advocate waking up at the crack of dawn to get a good cardio workout in to start your day, or maybe some invigorating yoga. Others recommend going to the gym on your lunch break. Still others will tell you that the best time to get your fitness on is in the evening, as a great way to get ready for bed.

THEN comes the advice about what kind of exercise to do. “No cardio!” “Only light weights!” “Try Zumba!” “Kickboxing saved my life!” Should you go to the gym? Should you work out at home? Is running three miles the answer? What about water aerobics? Is a gym membership worth it? Will a personal trainer finally motivate you?

Trust Your Intuition

The truth is that the best exercise routine for you is one you’ll actually stick to. People who are in the best shape are those who listen to their bodies. If you dread running and hate that it makes your knees ache, try something else. If you think working out on your own is boring, find a group of people at a gym or in your community who make it enjoyable. Discover the kind of movement that makes you happy and stick to that!

As far as when to exercise, that’s another individual choice. If you’re not a morning person, chances are that 5am workouts won’t be nearly as effective for you. The most important thing is that you block out part of your day—whatever part that might be—to care for your body through exercise. 

Find Peace Through Movement

The bottom line is that if exercise is stressing you out, your body is probably asking you to reevaluate your efforts. Exercise should be an activity that releases endorphins and relieves stress. Instead of attempting to keep up with someone else’s schedule, find a way to workout that really works for you.

For help finding the exercise that will work for you, call us to speak with Natalie, our nutritionist and exercise specialist, at (480) 477-6334!

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