Keep It Off

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Why You Need a Maintenance Plan:

Without accountability and guidance, weight loss can be difficult to maintain. Programs should be followed by a long-term maintenance program for lasting success. Contact with our team and accountability ensure you stay on track! Personalized help gives you tools to continue progressing in the real world!

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Keep It Off Includes:

Weekly or Bi-weekly Coaching –  Our staff analyzes your food and exercise logs and provides feedback to help you achieve your goals. Contacts include 15-minute private phone calls, video conferences, or in-office appointments and email support.

Keep It Off Facebook Group – Private Facebook group membership is only available to Keep if Off members. Make friends with others who live the Prolean lifestyle and exchange ideas, questions, and answers!

DEXA Body Composition Scans – Monitor your progress with these invaluable scans once or twice a year (varies by program).

Keep It Off Discount – Take advantage of 10% off nutritional supplements and products!

How to Participate:

Subscribe to Prolean Keep It Off (link below)

Daily – Update your food and exercise log.

Weekly – Email your form to our nutritional coach with specific questions and goals. Receive a weekly response.

Monthly – Schedule your phone/video conference for more personalized contact

Bi-annually – Schedule your DEXA body composition scan to monitor your progress.

As Needed – Log in to our private Facebook page to meet and get ideas from other Keep it Off participants.

Bi-Weekly Program Contract (click here)

Weekly Program Contract (click here)