Kelli’s Story

Kelli’s Story

Here’s what Kelli had to say about her Prolean Wellness experience.

“I have tried at least 20 “diets” in the past 33 years and have never come out of one thinking I’ve changed my thought process. I’ve resisted putting workouts and diet together, believing I will only ever compromise and do one or the other. Well, my body paid for it, and in all cases, the weight came back….and then some.  

Thanks to Prolean Wellness I am set up for a successful future. I know how my body reacts to certain foods, I know that lifting and smart food options (and lots of protein) are paramount to my success.  It makes going forward way less daunting and I am able to say no to things so much easier and with much more conviction than I ever could in the past.

Thank you to the entire staff at Prolean Wellness for their comprehensive program and approach! I can’t wait to WOW you in the future as I continue on this journey.”

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