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How can Synergy change your life?

Has a doctor ever told you to lose some weight? Have you ever watched the numbers on the scale increase and felt helpless to change them? Does your family have a history of diabetes or obesity? Are you just ready to fit back into your skinny jeans?

Synergy is for you. Synergy is a custom program built to address your health issues and reach your goals. No matter who you are, and whether you want to lose 15 pounds or 150 pounds, we’ll help you create a lifestyle that empowers you to achieve success.


What is in the Synergy Webinar?

This video shows you how the Synergy program changed one family’s life completely. In the video, you’ll see:

  • Real people and real success stories
  • A complete overview of the thing that sets us apart from any other weight loss company: our personalized approach
  • Answers and education that you can apply to your own life

Take a big step forward and get rid of the weight that’s holding you back!


How can Synergy change your life?

We believe that the best way to solve your health issues is to understand them first. By providing education about what’s really going on inside your body, we give you the tools to manage and overcome any obstacles along your fitness journey.

In reality, a healthy life means more time with your kids, the ability to go for a long run, and getting rid of medications for weight-induced health problems. What dreams have you put off? You can’t afford to wait any longer! Take back your health—and your life—today!




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Bio – Shelby Ward

Shelby Ward is a member of the Prolean Wellness team who proves that this program leads to success. After losing a significant amount of weight at 14, she has continued to reach her fitness goals using the Synergy method. Shelby can answer any questions you might have about the program and is dedicated to helping you become your best self! Schedule a consult today!

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