LeptiPro – Learn to Listen to Your Body Again

LeptiPro - Learn to Listen to Your Body Again

LeptiPro – Learn to Listen to Your Body Again

I have a 14-month-old daughter. During her lifetime, my husband has developed an astounding inability to hear when she cries in the night. It doesn’t matter if the baby monitor is right next to his bed; that man will sleep soundly no matter how hard she wails. 

Developing an inability to hear warning signals, like a baby cry, is never a good thing. Especially not when those warning signals come from within your own body. 

Many of our clients who are looking to lose weight admit that they never feel full. They wonder how they’ve gotten so big, mainly because they never feel like they’re overeating. This happens because their bodies have become resistant to a very important signal-sending hormone: leptin.

Here’s how leptin works. Leptin is secreted from your adipose tissue and sent to the brain to let your body know when you’re satisfied and it’s time to stop eating. It’s responsible for the control of your appetite and the balance of your energy. Leptin is secreted by adipocytes, or fat cells, in proportion to size and number. This means that if you have a lot of fat cells, you’re secreting a lot of leptin! However, instead of making you super sensitive to being full, your body instead just grows resistant and begins to ignore the signals because they happen so frequently.

If this sounds like you, LeptiPro is a game-changer. This dietary supplement has been proven to manage your leptin levels efficiently and restore your body’s ability to feel full again. That makes controlling your diet and sticking to a weight loss plan much easier. 

We know that the holidays can be treacherous when it comes to healthy eating, so for the entire month of November, take 10% off LeptiPro! Enjoy traditional meals with your family and listen to your body to know when you’ve had enough. Shop in-store or order online today!

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