Live a Healthier Lifestyle with the Help of Vitamin D3

Live a Healthier Lifestyle with the Help of Vitamin D3 (2)

Live a Healthier Lifestyle with the Help of Vitamin D3

If you are trying to create a healthier and happier body, including Vitamin D3 supplements as a part of your regular diet will certainly help you to achieve this goal. In fact, here is a look at just some of the ways that Vitamin D3 is good for your body. 

Vitamin D3 and Bone Health

Vitamin D3 is beneficial to your bones because it works hand-in-hand with calcium to help with its absorption. If your body does not have enough Vitamin D, it will be unable to obtain all of the calcium from the food that you consume. As a result, this leads to weaker bones and an increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis. 

Vitamin D3 and Muscle Health

Studies have found that there is a connection between higher levels of Vitamin D and higher muscle strength. As a result, individuals with higher levels of Vitamin D tend to have more muscle mass along with muscles that work better and leaner bodies. 

Vitamin D3 and Immunity

Research has shown that Vitamin D may help to give your immune system a boost. In fact, it has specifically been found to be eligible in helping to fight acute respiratory infections as well as pneumonia. Research has also indicated that having too little Vitamin D may increase your risk for COVID-19 and that, if you do become infected, your symptoms may be more severe. 

Vitamin D3 and Mood

Vitamin D may also have an effect on your mood. In fact, people with clinical depression frequently also have a Vitamin D deficiency. Research has found that increasing Vitamin D levels can help with reducing the symptoms associated with depression.

To help ensure your body is receiving enough Vitamin D3, consider adding Prolean Wellness’s Multi Essentials to your diet. One serving of the supplement has 100 IU of Vitamin D3, which is 25 percent of the recommended Daily Value of this vitamin.

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