Lose Weight, Gain Sleep

Lose Weight, Gain Sleep

Lose Weight, Gain Sleep

Do you find yourself having a hard time getting to sleep, staying asleep, or even just feeling well-rested? Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea? Do you even rely on a CPAP machine to keep you alive through the night? 

The way that you sleep is a great indicator for your body’s overall health. When you’re worried or stressed about something, you’ll often have a hard time getting to sleep or quieting your mind. Your body is simply recognizing that something’s up and is trying to solve the issue. Similarly, if you’re experiencing sleep issues but can’t identify a major worry that keeps you up, your body could be telling you that it’s time to get healthy.

Sleep is a really, really big deal for humans. A recent Ted Talk was given by sleep scientist Matt Walker, where he discussed why sleeping is vital and what happens to your body and mind if you can’t get enough of it. Some examples Matt gave include a drastic drop in testosterone for men, the inability to absorb new memories, rapid aging of the cells, dementia, and a host of others. 

Matt emphasizes that sleeping pills are not the answer, calling them “blunt instruments that do not produce naturalistic sleep.” Well, what’s the solution then?

Get healthy and lose weight. Hundreds of our clients have been shocked at the improvement of their sleep after losing a substantial amount of weight and getting their hormones regulated. According to Harvard’s health blog, losing belly fat is the main reason why. 

“Excess weight and body fat increase the likelihood of developing obstructive sleep apnea. This condition occurs when the airway becomes blocked, either completely or partially, during sleep. These temporary blockages causes frequent awakenings which, in turn, increase the risk for conditions such as high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease.”

Talk about an awesome bonus. If you’re ready to lose weight, get healthy, and get the sleep you really need, give us a call at (480)477-6334 or check out our website, proleanwellness.com, today!

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