Love Your Body, Love Yourself

Love Your Body, Love Yourself

Welcome welcome to the month of February! Everyone knows what this month is best known for—that’s right, love! Here at Prolean Wellness,we are all about love. Love your body, love yourself! Our self-confidence levels correlate closely with our happiness levels, and so here are a few helpful tips to boost your esteem! Try them out this month and let us know what you think!


  • Be the Best Dressed: Now this doesn’t mean go out and spend a fortune on your closet, but it definitely makes a difference in your mood when you feel classy. Ever heard the saying, “Dress for the job you want?” People will notice you and will respect a clean, well-kept appearance. Don’t save those fancy duds for a special occasion! Dress yourself like you deserve—only in the best!


  • Put a Spring in Your Step: If you want to know how people are feeling about themselves, just check out their walk. Those with low self-confidence are usually rather slow, with shoulders slumped and eyes on the ground. Those who are surer of themselves tend to walk quickly and with purpose, looking ahead and focused on their destination. It’s said that if you want to look and feel more important, all you need to do is walk 25% faster! Give it a go!


  • ·Along with this is Good Posture. The way people carry themselves portrays the enthusiasm they feel towards their projects and towards life in general. Our bodies react to physical cues, even the ones that we give ourselves, and changing the way we sit, stand, or converse with other people can alter the way we respond to a situation. So remember, shoulders back, head up, chest out, and greet the next opportunity coming your way!


  •  Be Thankful: It seems that those who are the happiest are those who remember to count their blessings. Instead of focusing on all they lack, or imagining they could be content if they only had/could do something more, they are grateful for all of the things that are going right in their lives! At the beginning of each day, take the time to make a mental list of the things that contribute to your happiness. Then take a moment to think of the challenges, the things that are going wrong, and imagine why they are happening and what you could learn from them. This exercise will change your perspective completely!


  •  Compliment other People: We live in a world focused on “I”. In the wise words of Mia in The Princess Diaries, sometimes we need to stop and “think of how many stupid times a day [we] use the word ‘I’”. It’s a lot! You’ll be surprised! A great way to get out of our own worlds is to recognize the good in others and let them know about it. Give compliments! Other people will feel love for you and be grateful, and you will truly bring out the best not only in them, but in yourself!


  • Move Your Body: Exercise is great! It changes your body image and gives you motivation to complete goals and overcome obstacles. Exercising releases chemical endorphins that uplift your mood and encourage positive thinking. It also gives motivation to be healthier and more productive throughout the entire day!


  •  Make a Contribution: How are you contributing to the world? Is it better today because you are in it? Are people happier because they met you? We, as human beings, need to feel a sense of purpose in our lives, to feel like we make a difference to someone else. By focusing on how we can contribute to society and improve the lives of others, we seemingly “gain by giving.” The more we contribute, the more we are recognized and respected!



We hope that these points have been as good for you as they were for us! Have a wonderful month of February and remember—Love your body, Love yourself!

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