Myself. Think, “I am doing this for me.” Often when beginning a new diet, exercise regime, or any type` of challenge, you will use other people as your incentive. “I’m doing this because my mom told me to,” or, “I’m doing this to impress my boss.” But when you develop a sense of self-worth, you recognize that you need to improve your life in a healthier manner because you deserve it. You deserve to feel good about yourself, to reach your own goals, to gain real confidence. Permanent change does not come from anyone forcing you to do anything. It comes from the inside out—a desire to live better because you want to…and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!

Optimism. I know it’s cliché, but attitude really is everything. When you go into a new phase of your life, difficult as it may be, with the idea that you will conquer, you usually will! Your mind has an incredibly powerful effect. Believe that you can and WILL succeed. Let that thought process carry you through the struggles, and you’ll be amazed at the difference that it makes!

Triumphs. Why is it that as human beings, we focus so much on our failures? One day sleeping in instead of going to the gym, one sneaky bite of dessert…and we let the guilt override our success. Don’t remember the failures. They happened, and there’s not a thing you can do about it. But remembering the days that you won…that is important. Mentally make a list of the things you did right today, instead of just thinking about the things you did wrong. You chose an apple over a Popsicle? Way to go! Made it to Zumba on time today? Awesome! Remember the daily triumphs—write them down and read them when the rainy days get you down!

Improvement. Measure it. Work for it. You are here to make the most of your time, so don’t settle for less than all you can give. Real improvement is going to bed with the mindset that tomorrow will be better than today. Results will follow.

Validation. Take a step back and think about the goals and plans you have for your life. Think of where you are, then where you want to be, all you have accomplished thus far, and all that still lies ahead. Remember your worth as an individual. Remember that your efforts ARE worthwhile and that by reaching your goals, you can be a light and example to all those around you.

Awareness. Remember your goals throughout the day. Don’t let yourself become obsessive, but leave small, encouraging reminders where you will see them often. These will help you keep your eye on that prize!

Team. You are not alone! Use other people to support you! Our staff at Prolean is always available to help when needed. Tell people about your goals, share your progress, and use them as cheerleaders to get you moving again. This provides an accountability that will help you to stay on track!

Invigoration. Enjoy this new you! Do things you never thought you could! Try strange food, participate in different activities, wear new clothes…this is another start to your life. Be the person you always dreamed of becoming and use the energy to propel you forward.

Organization.  Don’t let yourself get lazy.  Plan your days well and fill them to the max!  Unused time is dangerous; the cravings and old habits vie to fill gaps in your schedule!  Be proactive and engage yourself in healthy activities.  Plan your meals, your exercise schedule, and set dates to reach your objectives.  This will only add to your enthusiasm, and you’ll be so busy that you’ll forget it’s even a challenge!

Now! Today!  Don’t waste one more minute!  Don’t wait ‘til after your birthday, after the Superbowl, after Christmas…of next year…You have so many great things waiting for you at this moment!  Remember, good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who do.  You can’t let your good intentions run out of steam.  Decide to make a difference and get right on it.  Today is the day you will change your life!  It takes work, but you can work hard, get healthy, and be happy NOW.

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