Mitochondria 101

Mitochondria 101

Imagine if you could find a way to tune up your metabolism, increase your energy, think clearly, and feel less achy! Imagine if you could get to the root of aging and slow the whole process down! All that is possible by giving yourself a metabolic makeover with the help of proper diet and a supplement called the Mito-Kit.


You may have heard of the studies on rats fed high doses of resveratrol, the red phytonutrient found in red wine. Not only did they live 30% longer, they became fitter and lost weight without changing their diet and eating the equivalent of the standard American low-quality diet. How could they eat more junk food, not exercise, become lose weight AND live 30% longer than the average rat?


One word: mitochondria.


The resveratrol protected and improved the function of the mitochondria through its effects on special “aging” genes. That protection to the mitochondria changed the way the rats processed food and improved their metabolisms.


What does mitochondria have to do with having more energy, losing weight, and living to 120 years old without any disease? Everything.

Metabolism Happens in the Mitochondria

The role of your metabolism is to process oxygen and food into energy. In each of your cells, there are thousands of mitochondria—the “factories” where energy is produced. They exist in greater amounts in active organs and tissues, like the muscles, heart, and brain. 


We have over 100,000 trillion of these powerhouses in our bodies, and each one contains 17,000 assembly lines for making ATP (our major fuel source). Mitochondria are very sensitive and easily damaged. Mitochondrial damage stems from uncontrolled oxidative stress, which results from toxic insults, infections, allergens, stress, and poor nutrition.


When mitochondria don’t work properly, you suffer all the symptoms of low energy: fatigue, memory loss, pain, rapid aging, and more. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong that may impede your metabolism or practically shut it down. As we age, our mitochondria become less efficient. Fatigue is the most common symptom of poorly functioning mitochondria.

Junk Food Creates Free Radicals

The biggest assault over time is when you eat too many “empty calorie” foods—high in calories but low in nutrients. When food is burned or metabolized with oxygen in the mitochondria, waste is produced in the form of free radicals that create a chain reaction of rusting or oxidation. Free radicals are produced from metabolic waste as food is converted into energy in the mitochondria. Toxins, infections, allergens and even junk food increase the amounts of free radicals. The bottom line is that the more free radicals we make, the less energy we produce because of the damage to mitochondria.  Unless your diet contains high levels of antioxidants, your mitochondria are very vulnerable.


By eating empty calories, we produce free radicals that destroy our mitochondria and produce fatigue, metabolic burnout, and diseases of aging.


The result of poor dietary choices, lifestyle habits, stress, and environmental exposures is a process of deterioration called oxidative stress. The good news is we have a built-in anti-rust system for our mitochondrial protection, but it can be overwhelmed. Like all the systems in the body, problems arise when we are out of balance.


For this reason, eating too many calories and not enough nutrients causes many illnesses. We eat too much junk and “anti-nutrients”, but not enough antioxidants from our food to compensate. Balancing our redox systems and protecting our mitochondria is key to optimal health and a vital, energetic old age.

The Mito-Kit and Mitochondrial Support

Antioxidants are part of an overall team that controls and manages the excess free radicals we produce. You couldn’t put Michael Jordan on a basketball team by himself and expect him to win a championship. Why would we expect that one antioxidant alone could make a difference? In fact, you could guarantee that Michael Jordan would lose EVERY game if he played by himself. Like Michael Jordan’s teammates, the Mito-Kit provides the mitochondrial back-up needed to get your metabolism back in gear. The Mito-Kit contains both resveratrol and alpha lipoic acid, along with a nitric oxide support.

How to Protect your Mitochondria and Prevent Free Radicals

AVOID processed junk food, sugar and empty calories.


Detoxify—get rid of environmental and internal toxins using the Mito-Kit


Address inflammation. (Low glycemic diet + turmeric supplementation)


Balance your hormones. 


Exercise! Interval training increases the efficiency and function of the mitochondria and strength training increases the amount of muscle and number of mitochondria.


Eat whole, natural plant food (8-12 servings) like fresh vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds every day. They are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients!


Increase omega-3 fats to help build your mitochondrial membranes.


Take Prolean’s Mito-Kit supplement twice daily.


Take care of your mitochondria to increase your energy, lose weight, and age well!


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