Mito-Kits: Your Secret Weapon to a Very Happy New Year

Mito-Kits: Your Secret Weapon to a Very Happy New Year

Mito-Kits: Your Secret Weapon to a Very Happy New Year

Let’s ring in January with some stellar deals!

This month, our focus is on Mito-Kits. We’re offering 10% off because we know they’re great tools to help your reach your new goals for the year. Here’s a quick run-down of what makes this product so incredible—and why we have such a hard time keeping them in stock!

Mito-Kits work hard to improve your mitochondrial function.

The mitochondria produce all the energy in your body by turning calories into ATP. (It’s a long process, look it up on YouTube if you want the whole explanation.) Mitochondria are critical for weight loss because they turn those calories you consume into energy instead of belly fat! 

Mitochondrial function also plays a huge role in aging.

As your mitochondria lose efficiency over time, you start to feel yourself getting older. You have less energy to make it through the day, you find your skin has lost its glow, and you even lose muscle tone because your cells aren’t reproducing as well anymore. When your mitochondria function well, your body can heal tissue and recover more quickly from the wear and tear of the years. That means you’re also protecting yourself from age-related conditions such as heart disease and dementia, so you can live a long life and enjoy it!

The components of the Prolean Wellness Mito-Kits have been carefully selected by doctors and medical professionals to boost your mitochondria.

They eliminate toxic particles like free radicals from your system, harness the power of resveratrol (found in red wine and grapes) to increase the speed of your metabolism, and nitric oxide-increasing supplements to improve your endurance. Mito-Kits are designed to amplify your efforts and give you the most bang for your buck!

You can get your hands on a Mito-Kit in store or online using the promo code


This offer is good for 10% off until January 31st or until supplies are gone! Jack up your mitochondria for a happy new year and a happy new you!

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