Not Seeing the Results You Deserve? Insulin Resistance and Why It’s Not Your Fault!

Not Seeing the Results You Deserve? Insulin Resistance and Why It’s Not Your Fault!

Have you ever been told that in order to lose weight or get healthy, you need to eat low-fat foods, count calories, eat less, or exercise more? Have those tactics proved to be time-consuming, tiresome, and ineffective?   Every day at Prolean Wellness, we meet with clients who have unsuccessfully tried these methods. They dedicate hours to the gym and practically starve themselves, but then grow discouraged and ultimately relapse into destructive behavior like binge eating. Can you relate? It’s a vicious cycle, but here’s the good news: you’re not the one to blame!


What the “experts” don’t tell you about calorie-counting weight-loss programs is that the TYPE of food you eat makes all difference in your ability to lose weight!  The low-fat foods they prescribe to keep you thin replace fat with sugar to make them palatable.   When your food contains added sugars or is high on the glycemic index, it is broken down into glucose, which then travels throughout cells in your body via the bloodstream.  Glucose in the blood, (blood sugar), triggers a release of insulin from the pancreas.  Insulin is necessary to help your cells take in the glucose and convert it into energy.  So…insulin is a good thing, right?  Right!


Here’s the problem: When you put so much sugar into your body (even sneaky sugar from food that is low-calorie or low-fat), you tell your body to produce more and more insulin.  Soon, so much is produced that your muscle, fat and liver cells stop responding to it! They become insulin resistant, and the little bit of insulin you once needed no longer does the job of getting glucose into your cells, so your pancreas produces more.  When your pancreas can’t cope with the high demand, excess glucose builds up in the bloodstream and you become a prime candidate for diabetes, even though you followed all that “expert advice”.


High insulin levels also block the receptors that allow fat out of its cells. If you go on a low-carb or low-sugar diet and have high insulin levels, your body won’t be able to use that fat as a fuel source and you’ll end up feeling lethargic. You’ll crave food like soda, bread, ice cream, etc. that immediately puts sugar back into your bloodstream but undoes all your hard work!


Some critics might disregard our methods at Prolean Wellness because they vary from the widely-accepted norms, but we stand by them because our clients see results. We take factors like insulin and glucose into account and test their levels to determine how your body needs to lose weight. (FYI, it’s not the same as everyone else!) When you begin our weight-loss program, we will test your fasting insulin levels to determine if you are insulin resistant. If so, we’ll show you which foods produce too much insulin and how to avoid them. After removing them from your diet, we’ll retest until we can see that your pancreas isn’t working too hard anymore. We’ll coach you about making changes in your lifestyle to reverse your insulin resistance, work at eliminating type 2 diabetes medications forever, and finally achieve the goals you’ve set.


Stop wasting time hoping that the common weight-loss remedies will magically work one day, even though they’ve failed you before. Let us help you work smarter, not harder. It is possible to put in the work AND see the results!

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