Ode to an Apple

Ode to an Apple

Red and round, sweet and crunchy

The answer when I want to munchy.

Those chocolate bars still call my name,

But I’m too fit to play their game.

Once, I would have just eaten the lot-

But before I knew it, my health was shot.

So I switched to eating fruit

And gave my heavy days the boot!

Apples, though, I’d call my fave—

It’s always them I seem to crave!

From the fridge or fresh off a tree,

They just make me darn happy!

Low in carb and low in cal,

I feel like I’m a healthy gal.

So good, I almost feel I’m being bad!

But the folks at Prolean don’t get mad!

With cinnamon in a bag at school…

Just the thought can make me drool.

In a salad, they are yummy

And give me a much flatter tummy.

Sorry chocolate, you’ve lost your spot.

Gain back that weight?  I’d rather not!

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