Enhance Your Current Weight Loss Plan

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A La Carte Services and Supplements

If you’ve invested time or money into a program and would like to enhance it, you can add elements from other Prolean Wellness programs.  We offer a variety of services and supplements to make any weight loss program more effective.


Body CompositioniDXA Scans

Protein is an essential micro-nutrient needed to sustain lean muscle tissue.  With our iDXA body composition scanner, we can find out the exact amount of protein you need to protect your muscle mass while you lose weight. The state-of-the-art iDXA machine is also used to measure bone density.

Nutrition Planning

Nutritionist Consultations

Speaking with a nutrition professional will help you understand how foods affect your body and why certain choices may be beneficial or harmful.  Our nutritionist will help you understand food labels, providing the knowledge you will need to move from a “diet” program to a lifestyle.  This is also a great opportunity to have a customized meal plan created.


Lab Work

Lab Tests

There are physiological reasons you may be having a hard time losing weight.  A blood panel can provide answers to your weight loss issues.  Is your insulin high?  Did you know that can prevent you from burning fat?  Is your thyroid out of balance, or your cortisol levels too high?  These and other chemical imbalances make sustained weight loss very difficult. Prolean Wellness will run tests to evaluate the issues that hamper otherwise effective weight loss programs.

Exercise Support

Customized Training

Do you know the heart rate range where your body burns fat? Do you know the exercises that will be best for your body?

If you’d like a customized workout, let our nutritionist/trainer help you find exercises to fit your fitness level.




Try our Prolean Mito-Kit and Prolean EDGE, medical-grade supplements that will really give your metabolism the boost that it needs. They work together to burn calories, release fat from your cells, and put your program into hyper-drive.


Program Enhancement Pricing

Call to schedule an appointment, or click the link to purchase products in our online store.

  • Prolean’s Mito-Kit – Our breakthrough patented supplement will boost mitochondrial biogenesis, expedite fat burn, increase stamina, and promote anti-aging. $149.99/mo.  Click here to purchase
  • Prolean’s EDGE – Our proprietary formula supports HSL supplies allowing the body to rapidly convert fat into free-fatty acids (FUEL) and rewards your fat loss efforts! Works hand in hand with either the Mito–Kits or HCG $17.95/mo. Click here to purchase
  • Consultation and Medical exam with our Physician (Weight Loss) $220
  • Doctor Visit (Follow Up WL) $125
  • Comprehensive Lab tests which are drawn to ensure that you’re healthy and that we identify possible metabolic barriers to your success. A must do if you’re serious! (including – basic chem. panel, Insulin, TSH, Free T3, Free T4, CBC, HDL, Hemoglobin A1C, DHEA, and Cortisol) $180
  • Doctor Visit with labs (Weight Loss) $395
  • 4 Weeks of B-12 Sublingual drops to boost your energy each day. $17.68 Click here to purchase
  • iDXA scans – Gold standard for Body Composition testing. A must do for any weight loss program! $75
  • Personalized Nutritional plan tailored specifically for you and is based upon your unique body composition. $150
  • Personal in-depth consultations with our nutritionist. (30 min.) $75
  • Personal training within your optimal heart rate range for burning body fat while you exercise. This is a game changer! Know what fuel you burn! $150
  • Twelve weeks follow–up and support with weigh-ins and diet guidance. $240
  • DHEA Proprietary Supplement compounded at a local pharmacy which is specifically tailored for your body. It contains components that raise the dopamine and DHEA levels to enhance your metabolism and maximize your weight loss. This will be prescribed if DHEA levels are below the ideal range.  Doctor Visit and Prescription required. $50/mo.
  • Vitamin B12 MIC Injections (FAT BURNER) to maximize your energy burn and support whenever you need that EXTRA kick and support your liver! $20 each or buy 5/1 free
  • Personal training session with our trainer to help assure you are getting the most from your workouts. $75
  • Bone Density scan to determine if you have osteoporosis or are at risk of osteoporosis as well create a baseline for future reference. The iDXA is the GOLD STANDARD $150

 Even if you are already on a weight loss program, you can use our tools to make sure you are successful and avoid the constant frustration that comes with failure! We can give you the answers you need to succeed!