Our World is getting FATTER!

Our World is getting FATTER!

Many of you may have seen the article already.  Prolean Wellness posted it on our Facebook page, but we want to share it with all of you.  According to a recent study by the CDC at least 36% of the population in all 50 states is now considered OBESE.  That means that 36% of the population has a body fat percentage above 31%.  The scary thing about this study is the rate that that percentage is increasing.  If people continue on the current trajectory, 44% will be obese by the year 2030.  In 13 states, the obese population will be greater than 60%!!!

The last part of this article talks about the need for government intervention to put a halt to this.  But… the government recommended food pyramid came out just before the obesity rate began its steady increase.  The call for no fat or low fat – and more pasta and bread has triggered insulin levels that don’t allow bodies to burn fat for fuel. 

Our feeling at Prolean Wellness, is that the more you know – the more likely you are to make good decisions about your body.  We take the time to help you understand what foods work for you and what foods cause problems with your system.  It’s time to take control of your own wellness – don’t be a part of the rising obesity rate in this country.  We can reverse this trend one person at a time!

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