GlucoControl is not just for diabetics or people with high blood sugar levels! If you’re someone who likes the occasional carb-y/sugary meal, if you want to manage your weight, or if you even just want to keep your body running at its best, consider GlucoControl as the answer.

GlucoControl includes berberine, ALA, and biotin.


  • reduces glucose by increasing insulin sensitivity
  • unregulated insulin receptor sites
  • reduces lipids (TG’s, LDL, total chol, VLDL, apoLipoprotein A/B) by both inhibiting lipid synthesis and improving liver function
  • reverses NAFLD, reduces liver glucose/glycogen
  • restores normal HA1c


  • supports liver detox pathways
  • normalizes glucose levels
  • improves insulin sensitivity
  • helps with repair of damaged blood vessels
  • promotes normals thyroid hormone levels
  • improves neural function in diabetics


  • decreases insulin by increasing sensitivity
  • reduces HA1c
  • reduces homocystein
  • helps to maintain normal glucose levels

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