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Video Explanation of the Mito-Kit

Mitochondria are the power sources of your cells.  As we age, the mitochondria decrease, resulting in lower energy levels and a slower metabolism.

The Prolean Wellness Mito-Kit contains naturally derived nutraceuticals that have been uniquely prepared for enhanced absorption and sustained action.  Clinically tested ingredients for safety and efficacy.

The Prolean Wellness Mito-Kit has been shown to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis (the creation of new mitochondria).

The Mito-Kit may help promote:

  • increased mitochondrial biogenesis
  • increased metabolic rate
  • improved insulin sensitivity and action
  • improved glucose disposal
  • increased Nitric Oxide production
  • improved cardiovascular and endothelial (blood vessel) function
  • improved appetite control
  • reduced fat and muscle mass
  • improved exercise tolerance and performance
  • improved antioxidant status and resistance to oxidative stress


Metabolism is the process by which your body’s cells produce energy. Most of this energy is produced in mitochondria. These cellular “powerhouses” oxidize or “burn” calories, principally from glucose (blood sugar) and fat. Metabolically active cells, such as those of the brain, heart, and muscle, may contain 100s to 1,000s of mitochondria. The more mitochondria inside your cells, the more calories your body can burn. Thus, healthy mitochondria give your metabolism a calorie-burning, energy-generating edge.

The process by which new mitochondria are produced inside your body’s cells is known as mitochondrial biogenesis. In light of the many metabolic and protective roles played by mitochondria, it’s no surprise that mitochondrial biogenesis is critical to delaying the effects of aging and age-associated declines in metabolism (e.g., increased body fat and decreased lean muscle tissue).1,2,3

Mitochondrial biogenesis is a complicated process involving more than 1,000 genes.1 Caloric restriction and aerobic exercise promote mitochondrial biogenesis. However, caloric restriction and consistent aerobic exercise regimens are difficult to maintain.2,3 Uncomplicate your life with the Mitochondrial Renewal Kit. It contains ingredients that help restore your metabolic edge by activating the critical molecular “switches” that control mitochondrial biogenesis—the very same switches activated by caloric restriction and aerobic exercise.*§

Embark on the restoration of your life. Restore your metabolic edge with the Mito-Kit. Enjoy the look and feel of great metabolism.*

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§ Based on emerging experimental research.
‡ For optimal benefit, combine this product with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Available in 60 packets.

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